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Hats, History and the Music

Teresa Kay Orr, singer, songwriter, guitarist, entertainer and recording artist has charmed audiences for over 40 years with her uplifting and fun style and repertoire.

Teresa’s show, Hats, History and the Music, invites her audience to put on their own hats of memories and travel through history.  (Remember how proud Uncle John was when he wore his Shriner hat in the parade, and Aunt Gerdie's exotic fruit hat on Easter Sunday?)  

Teresa accessorizes her show with men and women’s hats of years gone by.  She shares interesting facts about the hats and encourages her audience to share their memories about the hat styles presented.

Teresa laces together the hats and history with the music.  Her singing voice and guitar inspires her audience to sing along and tap their toe as they recall special eras.

Teresa’s show persuades her audience that hats are still in vouge; "With the right hat, nothing else matters.”  (LaPaloma Hats.)

Teresa travels to a variety of venues in Iowa, Kansas, South Dakota and of course in her beloved home state of Nebraska.